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Capturing Your Priceless Memories using DSLR cameras

Picture worthy!

Have you seen old sepia photographs? Do you own any? Probably you have seen them at a friend’s house or have them hanging on your featured wall or may be safely kept somewhere in the attic. The family portraits that exuberate so much of romance and so much awe! You may sometimes fathom your great grandparents and their progeny actually taking time to dress up and sit in rows like that to be photographed. What a contrast to today where we click at least tens of photos without even blinking our eyes using our smart phone camera!

A long drawn history:

The first references to the photographic equipments dates back as early as the eighteenth century. The word camera is derived from a Latin word ‘camera obscura’ which etymologically means ‘the dark chamber’. It is so called because the original set up of projecting an image of the world on a photographic paper was done through a black box like equipment which would then be mounted on a high stand.

The lens man would cover the black box entirely with a black cloth to disallow light and also put his head into the cloth while trying to capture the photograph. Light plays a major role in using this equipment and in this way its working is most similar to the working of the human eye.

A primer of DSLR Cameras:

The abbreviation stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera which is a combination of using a single photographic lens and an imaging sensor to produce an image or a photograph which is very similar to the actual life picture. The equipment does not use any photographic paper or film that was used in the previous models.

Why do most people choose Canon DSLR?

Here are the reasons that make this company’s equipment the easiest choice to make.

1. Strong in technology:

If there is one company that has always pursued excellence, it is this. The stunning technology and the unique finish that is given to each of its models is mind blowing and unique.

2. Delivering results always:

The company is famous for using the best technologies to deliver near perfect photographic images complete with vibrant colors and sharpness.

3. Constant upgrades with real time research and development:

The company has a quest to continuously keep up with its research and development and give its loyalists the best of the times.

4. One for all:

The stunning range makes sure that there is equipment for everyone. Whether you are an amateur lens man or a budding professional or a hobbyist, there is one for every shutterbug!

What are the best DSLR cameras?

Here is our pick:

a. Canon EOS 5DS

This is the best of both the worlds. It has a solid exterior and feature-rich interior. It is definitely the best in its class as of now. The battery is sleeker and therefore does not have a bulging exterior to house it. This Canon DSLR brings out the best in photography even from a beginner.

b. Canon EOS 7D Mark II

This one is packed with superb features and still light on the wallet. The camera boasts of autofocus which is unheard of in this category. It is ideal for all weather use and brings out unparalleled sharp images and color contrasts.

c. Canon EOS 80D

This one is more for the hobbyists than the professionals. Price is exciting enough to be bought. The placement angle of the lens is such pictures come out brilliantly well from any angle.

d. Canon EOS Rebel T6i

Excellent specifications and cheaper than its cousins, this is the best buy for a starter. It comes with a built in Wi-Fi too.

e. Canon T5i /Canon EOS Rebel T5i:

This is the precursor to the above model and most photographers will agree that it was their first choice when it was launched. The reviews are heartening to read and true to its promise, the camera has only exceeded the expectations of the users. The camera boasts of 18 megapixels sensor that enables awesome pictures even if the light quality is very poor.

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