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Reduce Global Warming By Using Solar Panels

Global warming is becoming a serious threat today. Many people are of the opinion that they are not affected by climate change or global warming. They think that these are some terms discussed by intellectuals who do not have time to do better off things. However one has to realize that global warming is real and is happening and everyone living on planet earth is getting affected by it.

The main reason for global warming has been the emissions from the fossil fuels that we use, there is a large carbon footprint that we leave daily. Whether it is the car that we drive or the air conditioner that we use, all of these emit carbon in to the atmosphere which results in global warming. Another aspect to this is that we are using all natural resources that are available to us, the fossil fuels shall not last forever. Hence we need to use renewable energy so that the world sustains with available energy.

There are many natural sources of energy which do not deplete no matter how much we use them; examples are sun, wind, hydroelectricity etc. The sun’s rays fall on earth and usually get wasted, whereas if we use proper Solar Panels to tap this energy and store it in form of solar batteries and use it for generation of power.

If you are interested then there are many do it yourself kits also available; one can buy a starter kit for solar panels and then try it themselves. There are 400 watt solar panel kit and 200 watt kits available easily in the market to try it out.

Next question one might ask is how can I use the 200 watt solar panel kit ? It is simple, just connect the solar panels to the battery that stores the energy and then connect this to an inverter that converts the stored DC current to AC current for your usage. This can then be used to power your home to supply electricity up to 200 watts. In case you need more power then go for a 400 watt panel. One has to be careful and follow the instructions as given on the kit and also place the solar panel at advantageous position so as to capture as much energy from the sun as possible.

If this sounds a bit complex then you can go for readily available solar generators. There are many good generators available in the market. For example, the yeti generator is a premium league generator! This is one among the best kits for safe and silent power generation. It can be used both indoors and outdoors as a power backup for home appliances including refrigerators, freezers or even some health care equipment that need critical power. It can also be used while camping or travelling outdoors.

Thus one can do their bit in helping reduce global warming easily by using renewable energy and solar panels and solar generators play a pivotal role in making the world move forward towards cleaner and greener energy.

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