Tips To Choose a SMS Marketing Service

Marketing is an important part for any business to progress. With the use of correct tools and strategies, one can reach a large number of customers. Thanks to SMS marketing services which has made it possible to reach the target audience at a single click.

With the increase in usage of mobile phones in past few years, businesses have also started using SMS as a medium to connect directly with the people. But it can be quite confusing for one to choose a SMS marketing service. Some of the points to keep in mind while deciding a service are:

  • Be aware of the route that the service provider uses since it can have an adverse effect on your business. Some providers use Tier one connections which means legitimate mobile networks are used. This can help you to get great delivery rates. But some providers choose grey routes to avoid payment of connection fees. This can bounce the messages from one connection to another. This can be very time taking and there is no guarantee if your customer will receive it.
  • Check if the service provider offers any other tool for marketing or other services. Look for features like multiple connectivity options, high deliverability, ability to schedule your campaign, 2-way communication, contact group management, 24X7 help center, sending options for long messages and the number of countries covered. Also, you should be able to get customer feedback using online SMS marketing.
  • Usually, such platforms are used by you to perform all the functions whether to upload, plan or send a message. So choose a platform that can be used easily and not very complicated. Check out if there is any customer service available. Prefer to go for a service that gives support telephonically or through online and it must be available 24/7.