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About Us

How did it begin?

More than a decade ago, friends Aidan Failes and Ethan Gunbe began a business together. Some people say that you should never mix business with friendship, but they have proved otherwise! In addition, they have decided to create this blog to document their experience and interests.

All About Us

Ethan Gunbe


Ethan Gunbe was an attorney at a renowned firm in the West Midlands, UK before he joined forces with Aidan Failes to form Modesto Anarcho. While Ethan has been part of the journey since its inception, he began working full-time for their company two years later. Prior to becoming an attorney, Ethan worked as a journalist in five countries for over 6 years with a specialization in real estate.

Aidan Failes is the founder of Modesto Anarcho. A real estate investor and lawyer in Manchester, Aidan also worked as a business lawyer supporting small businesses before founding Modesto Anarcho. Through Modesto Anarcho, Aidan aims to simplify complex laws and regulations in order to make them more understandable and applicable, transforming the way society engages with legal services.

Aidan Failes



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